ICET 2022

Pedro Reis

Associate Professor Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa

Pedro Reis works as associate professor, researcher and deputy director at the IE-ULisboa, where he coordinates the master program on Innovation in Education. In addition to his PhD and MEd in science education, he holds a BSc degree in biology. Prior to his work as a professor, he worked as a science teacher in elementary and secondary schools. He is a member of the Portuguese National Council of Education and the Vice-Chair of the “European Network for Environmental Citizenship”.

local_library Abstract

Scientific literacy for community research-informed action on socioscientific and socio-environmental issues

Community research-informed action is frequently considered to be a major aspect of scientific literacy, empowering students as critics and producers of knowledge, instead of placing them in the role of consumers of knowledge as school science practices often appear to encourage. This broader concept of scientific literacy includes students’ development as a capacity and commitment to take appropriate, responsible and effective action on matters of social, economic, environmental and moral-ethical concern.

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