ICET 2022

Margarida Lucas

Researcher Universidade de Aveiro

Margarida Lucas is a Researcher at the Research Centre Didactics and Technology in Teacher Education (CIDTFF) at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Prior to her involvement with academia, she was a teacher across various levels of education. Her research interests mainly focus on the interplay between digital technologies, innovative approaches for teaching and learning, digital competence, professional development, assessment, and development cooperation.

local_library Abstract

Digital competence – a survival kit in technological-advanced societies

The unprecedent technological acceleration caused by the pandemics suddenly amplified the need for developing digital competence. With no prior notice, we had to shift into different modes of learning, working, buying, socializing, living. Few were ready for the shock. Many were unprepared. The European Framework for Digital Competence describes a set of competences that can help citizens “survive” and thrive in the digital realm. We will refer to them in general and focus on aspects of its recent update.

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