ICET 2022

Luís Miguel Carvalho


Professor Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa

Professor at the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon. He works in the area of education policy, and his main scholarly interests include: educational governance, PISA as a policy instrument, and the and worldwide circulation of education models and reforms. Currently, he is the Diretor of the Institute of Education and coordinator of the IE’ R&D Centre on Education and Training (UIDEF).  

local_library Abstract

Results-oriented Governance in Portugal (2000-2022): Trends from IE-ULisboa research

Different policy instruments support different modes of governance. In Portugal, along the late 25 years, performance assessments (of students, schools, system) have become major tools for the emergence of Results-oriented Governance (RoG). Based on studies from IE-ULisboa’ researchers, the paper suggests 3 major trends related to RoG processes: increase of transnational governance; competition between RoG interpretations; rise of intra-national communicative policy spheres and non-governmental knowledge-based agency. Finally, the paper discus 3 possible developments: radicalization (reinforcement of quasi-market modes of governance); recombination (with other tools); fragmentation (competition between forms of evaluation, namely between performance assessment, informative and multilateral models).  

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